Horseback Rides

horseback riding in Taos Ski ValleyBig Al Johnson moved to Taos, New Mexico with a vision to offer the very best wilderness adventures possible to both northern New Mexico residents, and visitors alike. Now over 39 years later, Big Al has accomplished his goal.

In the 2021 summer season, Big Al is finally retiring from offering horseback rides.

Snowmobile Tours with 'Big Al'

When you visit in the winter months you can still experience the exhiliration of a snowmobile ride, and you are guaranteed to make memories you will not soon forget.

From the moment you meet Big Al in the Taos Ski Valley, and he leads you to his unique base camp located at over 10,000 feet of elevation, the adventure begins!

Big Al believes in personal service, he will instruct you on the proper operation of a snowmobile. Whether you are a first time rider, or more experienced rider, Big Al will offer you an experience that will be the highlight of your trip to Taos, New Mexico.

How to find Big Al's Wilderness Adventures:

From Taos, drive North on Main Street (Paseo del Pueblo) Until the north end of town. The north end of town is just scattered businesses, houses and horse pastures.

Come to the stop light, with a Speedway gas station on left side of Main Street.

Take right turn at stop light - it's marked SR 150 - its's also marked "Taos Ski Valley".

After your turn Right on SR 150. stay on PAVEMENT for approximately 14.5 miles. Enter Taos Ski Valley Canyon. It's all either up hill or flat. When you crest the final hill and start downhill for the first time in the canyon. Stop in the middle of the Ski Valley Road and look to the left hand side of the road a 12' x 12' wooden sign with only 2 blue mountains and a yellow sun over them with the words "Taos Ski Valley" in yellow bold print.

Stop at this sign and roll 40' past it. Pull off the road on the right side. DO NOT GO TO THE CENTRAL TAOS SKI VALLEY PARKING LOTS.


Call Big Al 575-751-6051

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